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 Forte Spasso Libero

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Forte Spasso Libero

Forte Spasso Libero

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PostSubject: Forte Spasso Libero   Forte Spasso Libero EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 10:28 pm

Forte Spasso Libero Whoisthis

Name: Forte Spasso Libero
Hometown: Unknown even untill now
A living skeleton who practice intense sword mastery. His skill are fast and accurate, making him one of best sword fighter out there. He can use dark power to enhance his abilities, both at offense and defense.

Forte means sword, Spasso means fun, while Libero means free.
His name literally translates to "A sword which is searching for fun and freedom"

Some of his memories are lost due to sudden shock of Dead to Alive transition.
How did he became a living skeleton is still unknown (yah... masih dipikirin kabur).

He wore a black, tuxedo-like cloth, and brown cloak in his back, the cloak seems to be very important to him.
He use sword in battle. When he was alive he used to had a dark sword named "Tenebrae" which means Darkness. But it appears that the sword was lost due to his death, and now he use a normal katana.

Despite his appearance, he is quite kind and always talk in a cool and good manner.

He is nicknamed Ero-kun by his companion, and he seems to dislike it.


Nickname: Ero-kun (Forte Spasso Lib-ERO)
"Darkness is not evil... People say so only because they're afraid of darkness"

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Forte Spasso Libero
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